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01 Jun 2013

Where is ‘Fact’ leading us?

“Facts are not sacred, pristine, untouchable – they are gathered by human beings guided by mundane, earthy, often compromised beliefs and motives. To choose ‘this’ fact over ‘that’ fact is already to express an opinion. To highlight ‘this’ fact over ‘that’ fact is to comment.” – Edwards, D & Cromwell, D. 2009

Lately, I have been coming into debates where the assumptions are that fact is the absolute truth. Fact – that comes from the newspapers, News channels and of course textbooks. After all how could a text book be wrong! I guess it depends on the country – there seems to be a different version to history depending on the country you study in. How is the Vietnam War taught in America as compared to Vietnam? How does is the emotion expressed about the British rule in India is taught in India and in Britain? It would also depend on the teachers, but curriculum stems the foundations of our education.

Even looking at the media today – the casualties of the Iraq War is still in the 100,000s to a few that rely on newspapers to provide ‘accurate’ information. Well it could be a few or it could be a majority. Which is the fact and which is fiction? Would it be casualties of 100,000s or a figure more in the millions? If we are dependent on a selected few for our sources – where does our education on gathering research go? Are we not supposed to use multiple sources – not just books – to back up our theories and research on any paper we write? This was constantly drilled into us in school – however it completely leaves our minds when it comes to the media, newspapers or news channels.

I think as human beings we tend to forget that those around us are also humans. Journalists are humans. They make mistakes; they are manipulative in getting their biased opinions across as we do in any debate or discussion. What stops them from letting their opinion slip? It is part of their job. As many of us know today, the media isn’t something we can trust with their owners being prominent business owners and elitists.

For the last few days, or maybe even weeks, Indian media has been submerged in this IPL matching fixing story. A story that normally takes half a day to report and isn’t relevant to be front page news for days! Indian media is supposed to have a moral code, where in the past they exposed the rape cases and sexism in support of women across the country. But to fall down to the level of scum and report on sports that is not worthy of being ‘News’ is disappointing. But hey, that is another opinion – mine.

I’m sure there are loads of frustrated Indians who want to hear news that is relevant to help out humanity if they can. For after all how can sports be more important than poverty, violent crime, illegal wars etc. Help in any way possible if it’s through small aid, prayers or just spreading awareness – for there is no better way to help each other if we are aware of the horrible things that happen on a daily bases. But the most important truth that is spreading rapidly across the globe is the constant manipulation that exists in the media. As more people become aware of the ways in which we are controlled, the way we are chained as slaves to products or a handful of elitists.

We view the mistakes of various medias and the forms of manipulation which enables them to take over our minds – an unnoticeable form of brainwashing. That is the most dangerous weapon we are facing as humans. However, it maybe old news in the other side of the planet – it is shockingly still unveiling itself in India, maybe other parts of Asia, Europe or Africa. This is where ‘fact’ is leading us, not that ‘fact’ that is opinion or the ‘fact’ that is comment. ‘Fact’ that is unquestioned and considered ‘untouchable’.

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21 Aug 2012




The elites’ first line of defence protected – again.

PC Simon Harwood faces a mere public disciplinary beginning on September 17th, after unnecessarily striking then pushing down father of nine, Ian Tomlinson at the G20 protests in April 2009, who collapsed and later died from internal bleeding.

There have been many similar acts of violence by members of the police that haven’t been brought to justice which paints a clear picture of the intentions of the ruling elite – to suppress the people and give power to their first line of defence, the police.

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06 Jun 2012

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee – For the few, not the many

Many would agree that the celebration of the Queen’s 60th year on the throne is significant and unique to the country of Great Britain. A great attraction for tourists and followers of the Royal Family around the world. A time to gather with friends and family, to enjoy and celebrate as a country. A time to forget about the reality and the stresses of our day-to-day lives. The Queen’s Diamond jubilee, an old-fashioned celebration of the upper class, in a modern time of inequality and social divide.

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30 Mar 2012




Government fuels fear

The unnecessary panic over securing petrol because of a planned strike by petrol tank drivers spread across the UK this week, leaving petrol stations empty. No strike has been scheduled to take place, yet the people have been forced to take precaution due to the comments and suggestions made by our government.

Comments such as “There is a risk to fuel supplies” from the Government sparked unnecessary panic buying causing a shortage in itself and putting many lives in danger.

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20 Dec 2011




Government Hypocrisy

Western governments have, for a decade now, been persuading and pushing their various agendas with biased support from the mainstream media whilst completely ignoring domestic problems of a similar nature.

In the last year or so we’ve been continuously distracted by foreign affairs within our domestic media who portray these countries being in crisis as chaos and anarchy hit their streets. As the people seek for their own freedom by protesting against their governments, the states police, security or army violently suppress the protesters which is what the media predominantly portray and oppose.

“I am deeply concerned about reports of violence in Bahrain, Libya and Yemen. The United States condemns the use of violence by governments against peaceful protesters in those countries and wherever else it may occur,”

-Barack Obama


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02 Dec 2011

Where does that leave us?

“We clearly have in this case the fog of war. It is very likely that some crimes attributed to Gaddafi were false or exaggerated,” Claude Moniquet told RT. “But we had all the record of Gaddafi for 40 years and Gaddafi was a terrorist, was a criminal.”  (Russia Today)

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22 Nov 2011




An Alternative Form of Propaganda

“He (Eliade) says an important property of myths has been that they can change people, that is, they have a redemptive function…” (O’Shaughnessy, 2004:p89).

In order for propaganda to work as a narrative it would have to link itself with myth because propaganda cannot persuade an audience without referring to a myth that already exists within the society’s subconscious. As Eliade (1991) discusses the possibility that myth has to change people, which can be exemplified with propaganda. Myths have been exemplified by propaganda in an abusive method in the past and till today, hence there is a chance that myth can change societies for the better and by projected by propaganda creating an alternative propaganda. When thinking about how an understanding of propaganda and myth can help writer’s create new narratives, we see ways in which we can help change the set of morals which are lost in today’s world back to normal. If we are able to achieve utilizing the techniques of propaganda in the same ways it has been used to manipulate us for self-seeking benefits but instead manipulate us with positive traits and values, a chance to see a future similar to that which the Mystics believe in is quite possible.

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11 Jan 2012


Thanks for blogging. I quite agree with your opinion.

22 Oct 2011


Gadaffi killed, fighting for his country

Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi was killed in his hometown of Sirte this week as western powers claim another victory and a triumph for the Libyan people.

Gaddafi, found drenched in blood fought to the very end in his long battle against western imperialism. Jordan-based professor, Ibrahim Alloush, commenting for RT News believes

“What we have here is a heroic last stand and defense of Libya against a NATO-led invasion”

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27 Oct 2011

Mercy Lamech

The murder of Gaddafi is sickening and depressing to see how low humanity has sunk. NATO needs to stay out of the affairs of other countries.

18 Oct 2011




Wall Street Protesters versus NYPD

Current news on the peaceful protesters at Wall Street are expressing their freedom of speech on the issues of the economic crisis; and in return are being beaten down by the NYPD.

The government force shouldn’t be fighting against their fellow citizens; they should be supporting their cause as both public and private sectors have been suffering.

The big question is; will this work? Will this protest that is constantly expanding resolve anything. The protesters don’t have a clear figurehead to represent them within this revolt; marching on about the issues but with no resolutions as they have little knowledge in business and finance. All they  know is that they’ve been betrayed by their government and not been told the truth or the reasons why were in this current mess.

All we want is the truth and maybe then can we start understanding and thinking of ways to resolve these issues as a united world.

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20 Oct 2011

Mercy Lamech

That has always been an issue with the mainstream media though. They always make issues outside the country seem terrible – dictators/wars etc. But then they disguise the same issues within the country so it seems that its fine and not an similar problem. Its coming back to the whole issue of making society think they are free when they aren’t. (Discussed in ‘Guardians Of Power’ – Medialens).